2005-up GM LS4 V8 and 4T65-E HD FWD

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Engine Specs

Displacement:                                            5.3L / 325 cu in

Bore:                                                            96mm / 3.78in

Stroke:                                                         92mm / 3.622in

Compression Ratio:                                   9.9:1

Firing Order:                                               1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3

Displacement on Demand Cylinders:      1-4-6-7 (also known as "Active Fuel Management")

Valve Lift  (DoD version):                           0.490" intake and exhaust (from GM spec)

Valve Spring Pressures (closed/open):   76lb @ 1.8"  /  220lb @ 1.32"      

Valve Diameter:                                         2.00" int. / 1.55" exh.                 

SAE Certified Horsepower:                      303hp @ 5600rpm

SAE Certified Torque:                               323ft.lbs @ 4000rpm

Maximum Rated Engine Speed:              6100rpm

Total Engine Weight (Dry):                        478 lbs (does not include power steering pump, wiring harness, or computer)


Transmission Specs

RPO / Info:                                                   MN7 (has 258mm torque converter and heavy duty gearbox; manumatic/TAPShift option)

5-postion shift quadrant:                            P R N D M

Total Weight (wet):                                     214 lbs

Fluid Capacity:                                           13.4 qt

Gear Ratios:                                    1st:     2.92

                                                          2nd:    1.56

                                                          3rd:     1.00

                                                          4th:      0.70

                                                          Rev:    2.38


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