Q: Why isn't there a phone number on your website?

A: There are several reasons for this:

1) Security.  There are several spam bots operating on the internet these days and we do not wish for our phone number to get put out there on these spam/call lists.

2) Cost.  If we were to list our phone number on the net, we would need to hire someone (or a company) to answer the phone.  This would require us to raise our prices, and you still may not get the answer you are looking for in a timely manner.  Several of our competitors have hired off-shore call centers to take their calls.  So if you call one of these companies, you may end up talking to someone halfway around the world and not to the person who will be working directly on your order.  When you email us, you will always be talking directly with the person who will be filling your order.

3) Reference.  If you were to call us, unless you had a recording of our conversation you would not have any record of it you could reference later, if needed (in case you forgot something).  But with emails, you can always save or print a copy of the conversation which you can look at later, if needed.


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