Sinister Performance, LLC. Unsupported GM OBD-2 PCM tuning



Our tuning services may be available for your GM PCM even if your application is not on the supported tuning list.  In some cases, this service is only available if special software or a single vehicle software license is purchased by us so we can tune your specific application. 

Even if your application is on our supported list, some changes to the PCM's programming you request may require a special software purchase by us in order to perform.  You will be notified of such circumstances before you spend any money with us.


Pricing and Refunds:

Prices for such applications will depend on the specific case and needs of the customer.  We will make the price available to you once we have your information and know your tuning needs.

The purchase we make for special tuning software or software licenses cannot be refunded to us.  Therefore, we cannot offer a full refund on any unsupported GM OBD-2 PCM tuning applications.  The total amount of refund given will depend on the price paid for the special software/license minus shipping/fees.