GM MAF Resistor Mod

Installing a resistor across the bars noted above will rescale the MAF to increase its airflow measuring headroom (ie: more air will need to flow thru the MAF to produce the same Hz output signal compared to stock).  This is particularly useful in high performance turbo and supercharged applications where you are finding the stock MAF sensor is maxing out with your current setup.  You can start with a 1.4k ohm, 1/2 watt resistor and work from there to make it fit your needs.  It is recommended that you solder the resistor leads to the MAF bars to prevent it from moving around inside the MAF sensor and to ensure a positive electrical connection to the bars.  Make sure none of the exposed resistor leads short out against the metal part of the MAF housing.  The GM 3-wire MAF can be easily disassembled for installation while the GM 5-wire MAF cannot be easily disassembled.  Note that once you do the MAF resistor mod, you will need to rework your entire MAF calibration table in the PCM tune because it will change everywhere.  The amount of change will depend on the value of resistor you install.


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