2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP LS4 DoD 4T65E TAPShift powertrain swap into a Pontiac Fiero


Just about got this project wrapped up but the owner wanted to some chassis dyno numbers, so we got some...

That's 271.20 wheel HP and 277.07 ft/lbs of wheel torque after the 0.98 SAE correction factor.  Factor in a ~24% drivetrain loss, and you can figure the engine is making 336 hp and 343 tq at the crank (using the SAE corrected figures); which isn't bad for the little amount of mods that have been done to this engine.

This car is pretty much done and ready to be picked up by the customer.  I've got a few more of these LS4 swaps on the schedule although I don't think any one of those is going to be as-involved as this one was (because of the BCM/DIC/TAPShift hookup).


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